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Welcome parents and students to Florida State University!

Every full-time main campus domestic student new or returning to the university must show proof of health insurance that meets the FSU Board of Trustee requirements prior to registration once each year either through completion of a waiver or purchase of the student health insurance offered through FSU. International students studying at FSU on a J or F visa must meet the insurance requirements whether they are full- or part-time students. Dependents on J visas must also meet insurance requirements. University Health Services administers the requirement for insurance coverage for the university.

United HealthCare Student Resources (UHCSR) is the provider for the university sponsored plans for the 2015-2016 academic year. Waiver dates, open enrollment dates and plan coverage dates are outlined below as well as the premium costs for the student plans. Post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars and students at the Center for Intensive English Studies can also purchase the plan. See the information in the menu to the left. Plan brochures and summaries are at the third tab in the menu to the left.

Step by step instructions for meeting the immunization and health insurance requirements for enrolling in Florida State University are posted at Click on: Health Compliance Forms. You will see Student Immunization Record and Healthcare Compliance Information. These are the pages to read if you read nothing else. Health insurance and immunizations must be on file to clear your record for registration for classes. Welcome again to the Florida State family. The Wellness Center staff is ready to assist as you transition to college life. Please let me know if we can make your move into the FSU support system a more positive and enriching experience.

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Lesley Sacher,  MHA, FACHE, FACHA


There is a difference between the requirement to show proof of health insurance in order to be able to register for classes at Florida State University and using health insurance to pay for care rendered at the FSU Health and Wellness Center.


Waiver and Coverage Dates ‐ These dates are the same every year.

Term Waiver must cover from Waiver must cover through Open Enrollment Starts Open Enrollment Ends Plan Coverage Begins Plan Coverage Ends Last Day to Change or Cancel Purchase
Annual August 15 August 14 March 2 September 15 August 15 August 14 September 14
Fall only August 15 December 31 March 2 September 15 August 15 December 31 September 14
Spring January 1 August 14 October 2 January 15 January 1 August 14* January 30
Summer May 10 August 14 March 2 May 15 May 10** August 14 June 10

*Spring/summer coverage is the only option.  There is no spring only coverage.
**Summer only coverage is for students beginning their FSU journey in summer session.  The summer premium is not prorated for students attending later summer sessions.

Per the office of the registrar, any student (graduate, undergraduate or special student) enrolling for 6 credit hours during summer session is considered a full-time student.

AR Due Dates:

Student purchases-Insurance premium payments are due on the day that financial aid is disbursed.  If financial aid is delayed, students do NOT need to call the health center to defer the payment.  Students do not need to make special arrangements for financial aid to pay health insurance premiums.  If the insurance charge is on the student's account when financial aid is disbursed, the premium will be paid by financial aid.  If there is sufficient financial aid to pay the whole premium, the student owes nothing more for insurance.  If there is not sufficient financial aid to pay the whole premium, the balance that is not paid by financial aid remains on the student's account and is the student's responsibility to pay.  The balance must be paid to zero before the student's next registration window opens or the student's ability to register for the next term will be blocked.

Post-doctoral fellow, visiting scholar, CIES student-Payment is due as soon as charges are posted to your account at Student Financial Services.  The carrier will be notified to begin coverage once payment has been verified by the Health Compliance office.

AR Due Date Notes

  • Insurance Premium Payment Due:  the day financial aid is disbursed
  • Financial aid delayed?  Do NOT call Health Compliance to defer payment.  It is automatic.
  • Not enough financial aid to pay the entire premium?  The unpaid balance stays on the student's account for the student to pay. 
  • How to avoid a registration block:  Have the premium due paid to zero before the next registration window is scheduled to open.

2015-16 Premium Matrix

August 15 - August 14 August 15 - December 31 January 1 - August 14 May 10 - August 14 August 15 - August 14
Annual Fall Only Spring/summer Summer Only Optional Dental
student $1,990 $756 $1,234 $528 $506
spouse $1,990 $756 $1,234 $528 NA
child $1,990 $756 $1,234 $528 NA
children $3,980 $1,512 $2,468 $1,056 NA
student $2,150 $817 $1,334 $570 $506
spouse $2,150 $817 $1,334 $570 NA
child $2,150 $817 $1,334 $570 NA
children $4,300 $1,634 $2,668 $1,140 NA
Domestic     Monthly    
post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars $1,990 NA $166 NA NA
spouse $1,990 NA $166 NA NA
child $1,990 NA $166 NA NA
children $3,980 NA $332 NA NA
post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, students at CIES** $2,150 NA $179 NA NA
spouse $2,150 NA $179 NA NA
child $2,150 NA $179 NA NA
children $4,300 NA $358 NA NA

*Students beginning at FSU in spring semester may purchase dental coverage at the annual premium.  Annual benefits will apply for the January through August coverage  The last day to cancel the dental plan is the day before your coverage begins.
** Center for Intensive English Studies
NA indicates this coverage is not available.

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